Project ARTUS-CEE “Articulation of Trade Unions’ Strategies on Upward Convergence of Social Standards in the Enlarged European Union – voice of CEE Countries”

CED is currently implementing a research project on the role of trade unions in new member states of the EU. The general aim of the project is to present views of trade unions from new member states of CEE in relation to the key features of industrial relations which impact upward convergence of social standards process. The research will focus primarily on gathering opinions of CEE trade unions on the most controversial elements of internal European trade unions’ discussion linked to the East-West divergences. At the end the project will deliver national case studies, national policy papers and a comparative report with recommendation on how to improve the role of CEE trade unions in reaching higher social standards. For participation in the project are invited also Western experts in the area of industrial relations.

The project is initiated by the Institute for Public Affairs (Poland) and is being implemented in partnership with policy institutes from Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. It is funded by the European Commission, Directorate General “Employment and Social Inclusion”.