Economists` view on the Bulgarian energy sector

On 27 April 2004 the Center for Economic Development together with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Resources organized a round table “Economists view on the Bulgarian energy sector”. The round table had the objective to discuss topical issues in the area of export of electricity, nuclear power, gas power plants as an alternative to nuclear ones and energy efficiency. Involved in the discussions of the round table were representatives of the executive and legislative branches, non-government organizations and the academia.

The following themes were discussed:

  • Nuclear energy – future and economic effectiveness, pro and con NPP Belene;
  • Energy efficiency – how the government could stimulate those processes, and make them more attractive and active in the period of joining the EU;
  • Energy import and export;
  • The government role in the energy sector;
  • The need of energy efficiency projects imlpementaion.
    The full text of the round table discussion report  “Economists view on the Bulgarian energy” in Bulgarian can be found here.