– the Business Internet portal of Bulgaria

The Portal ECON.BG is an Internet-based medium and guide in Bulgarian and in English. It was created as the deliverable from a joint project of the Center for Economic Development and USAID and was launched in the Bulgarian Internet space on 25 April 2001. Currently ECON.BG is accessed by over 100, 000 visitors daily, who generate over 200, 000 hits on the home page.In ECON.BG one can find:

  • Information on over 100, 000 real operating companies: the company catalogue of the portal provides the opportunity for presentations of company and organization profiles in textual, graphic, or multimedia format;
  • Over 15, 000 up-to-date advertisements in the whole spectrum of activities, goods and services. The business can publish for free its offers and searches in ECON.BG;
  • Besides this – over 1, 000 job announcements. This is the place for an employee to find a job, and for employers – to publish free announcements of the positions available;
  • Hot offers: the business portal provides the audience with information about attractive promotions and discounts;
  • Analyses in 16 thematic areas. The Portal publishes the latest macroeconomic, sectoral and regional surveys about the country;
  • Up-to-date information flow: news and forthcoming events in the economic and public life in Bulgaria and around the world;
  • Free access to the complete legislative regulations. The portal publishes the latest amendments in the regulations, organized in a well-structured database;
  • A range of hyperlinks in 24 areas with corresponding categories. The links in ECON.BG are a guide in the Internet;
  • Current quotes of the currency and capital markets with rich archives and a possibility for graph and number references for past periods.

The business portal has continuously followed several major directions in its development – qualitative and quantitative improvement of the current information rubrics, planning and development of new rubrics and services, development of a marketing strategy and the search for new marketing solutions.

Our vision for the future development of ECON.BG includes expansion of the range and format of the provided information and increased number of services for the business portal users. ECON.BG will continue to collect information and provide services, and be the site you can find the things you look for on the Net.

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